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5 Questions for Andrew Harding

Periodically, I-Conn publishes answers by famous scholars to the following questions. Not being a famous scholar, I will not be asked to do this, but since I found the answers given intriguing, I thought I would have a go at my own answers just for fun and some self-awareness. 1.       1. Tell us about something you are working on right now. Too many things but here are the really interesting ones. I am completing editing a book on constitutional courts in Asia for CUP with Albert Chen, and have written a chapter on Myanmar’s Constitutional Tribunal for that book. I am also writing a chapter for the OUP Handbook on Asian constitutionalism (edited by David Law and Chang Wen-chen) on subnational constitutionalism in Asia. This latter is very challenging in terms of what should be covered and what approach should be taken. My starting point is that as with other regions Asia has gone in for decentralisation in quite a big way. The intriguing part to figure out is how this sits