About Andrew

Andrew Harding is a Professor of Law at the National University of Singapore, and a leading scholar in Asian legal studies, specialising in comparative constitutional law, law and development, and law and society - all with special reference to SE Asia.
In this blog Andrew posts his non-academic writings. You will find an extract from his recent work of fiction, The Agnes, and various musings on cricket, law, and language.
The Agnes is a series of stories about Jimmy Emmett, an English schoolboy, who grows up in a challenging multicultural environment in the English midlands of the 1960s. Jimmy's quest is to from his adventures and misadventures about life, love and social relations. The stories are amusing and charming, but also contain gems of wisdom.
Andrew will be happy to receive your thoughts, comments and criticisms - to bencoolen2014@gmail.com.
His academic writings can be viewed at academia.edu and researchgate.net, as well as in the many books he has authored or edited and the journals to which he has contributed.


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